Guns, Knives and More, Paoli, IN NEW shop
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Thread: Guns, Knives and More, Paoli, IN NEW shop

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    Guns, Knives and More, Paoli, IN NEW shop

    Located on Hwy 37 just north of Paoli.
    Open 10-6 during the week. I missed the weekend hours.
    They have a FB page, though not much content there.
    Guns, Knives And More | Facebook

    I knew they were around but hadn't had the time to stop in. But yesterday I decided I needed some more powder for my ML and no where close had 777 FFG that I needed. So I called them and they had it.
    Me and the wife went and met a buddy there too. They have a very good selection of used long guns, I'd guess 100 or so on the floor that you can handle. They also had an extensive selection of hand guns, SA and revolvers (some really BIG revolvers) and it appeared, though I didn't ask questions, about any flavor of AR you could want. Not sure about AR parts, etc. but complete guns he was well stocked with. Also shotguns in many configurations, bolt guns, lever action rifles.....he has really put in the time and money.
    He had a few bows and cross bows, some reloading stuff, not sure exactly what all.

    He is working on an indoor pistol range, not sure of the distance, that will handle up to 5.56. Future plans are for an outdoor range, not sure the distance there, but he has a good piece of property to do it with. Also, he is giving some property to the Sheriff's department for a shoot house that they will use 3 days a week, and he will have the other 4 days for people to use.

    I didn't have a card for the site, as my wife washed my billfold last week. But I wrote down the address and gave it to him, he said he'd stop by.
    I gave him info about our group and told him that I thought an indoor range would do pretty good, and a long distance outdoor range would also.

    Sounds like big plans. I hope the locals will favor him and give him business, we need a good gun shop locally.
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