Crosley FWA Range Report
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    Crosley FWA Range Report

    Yesterday I wanted to shoot my new rifle and Atterbury was closed so I drove down to Crowley FWA just south of Vernon on SR 3, It's a bit of a challenge to get there and the back tire on my long wheel base pu rubbed the guard rail on a long narrow bridge but worth the trouble.
    The range is self service and when I arrive at just after noon on Thursday there were only a few shooters there. They have shooting lanes of 25,30,50,1oo and 200 yards. The lanes are seperated by an earthen berm and there are shooting stations at the beginning of each lane with room for 2-4 shooters. Very easy to control your lane and very safe in my opinion.
    I met several other s hooters there and all seemed very friendly.
    I did get my new rifle sighted in but I neglected to take pictures so that will wait for the next time.
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    I go to Crosley pretty regular. I definitely prefer Crosley to Atterbury. When it gets a little busy, you have to watch out for the inbreeds. If you go the back roads, you don't have to cross that bridge and save about 5 miles and some time getting there.
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    I love crosley. However if you looking for brass don't bother with Crosley. Durring any normal 3 hour range trip for me I will see 3 different people scrounging for brass. I have had people just take my brass. I have had people ask in the middle of shooting. I regularly see someone waiting in their car for 3 hours for 25 cents worth of brass.

    One night I seen younger people hanging out near after hours. I doubt they were up to anything good. Some things are just shot at crosley. There is a shack near the permit booth. There are bullet holes in the door to this shack. Also it looks like someone took a 12 gauge to the permit booth. Thats sad.

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    Watch out for the Crosley Monster (Google it) when you are there! He likes the area around that bridge.

    I grew up in North Vernon and spent a lot of time in Crosley, not shooting, just running around. The "back way" into the range is definitely the better way.

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